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#1407 fixed --ssh not working with new releases adarrab adarrab


I use "--ssh" which used to work perfectly in old releases e.g. This is working fine:

D:\Xpra\0.17.4\xpra.exe  attach ssh:SERVER123:100 --ssh="plink -4 -i '%USERPROFILE%\.ssh\viz.ppk' %USERNAME%@SERVER123"  

While this is not:

D:\Xpra\1.0.1-r14710\xpra.exe  attach ssh:SERVER123:100 --ssh="plink -4 -i '%USERPROFILE%\.ssh\viz.ppk' %USERNAME%@SERVER123"

Nothing happens in the second case .. plink starts quickly then disappears. I captured the argument in both cases using wmic: 0.17.4 (working):

plink -4 -i D:\Users\USERNAME\.ssh\viz.ppk USERNAME@SERVER123 -T SERVER123 "xpra initenv;~/.xpra/run-xpra _proxy :100 || $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/xpra/run-xpra _proxy :100 || xpra _proxy :100",3464

1.0.1-r14710 (not working)

plink -4 -i D:\Users\USERNAME\.ssh\viz.ppk USERNAME@SERVER123 -T SERVER123 "xpra initenv || echo \"Warning: xpra server does not support initenv\" 1>&2;~/.xpra/run-xpra _proxy :100",9784

Server is running on RHEL 6.6 (xpra v0.15.5)

Thank you,

#748 fixed --start-child leaves zombie Lukas Haase Lukas Haase

The current stable (xpra v0.14.12) I am using with CentOS leaves zombies behind if a process is started with --with-child and exits. This is reproduceable for me.


xpra start :1900 --no-daemon --session-name=MATLAB --no-mdns --start-child=/usr/bin/xterm --exit-with-children

Then I connect/attach to this instance and enter "exit" in xterm. xterm teminates but not xpra. Closer inspection reveals that xterm is a zombie:

$ ps aux | grep -i xterm
user 28978  0.0  0.0      0     0 pts/4    Z+   13:53   0:00 [xterm] <defunct>
user 29164  0.0  0.0   6392   680 pts/5    S+   13:55   0:00 grep -i xterm

I did not find any tickets related to it.

#2696 invalid --tcp-bind binds to when using fdqn of the host Red Wil Red Wil

Short: the command on the server logged in as <user>

xpra start :100 --start-child=rxvt --bind-tcp=<host fdqn>:10100 --tcp-auth=file:filename=<user home>/.xpra/pw.txt \
    --exit-with-children=yes --terminate-children=yes --password-file=<user home>/.xpra/pw.txt \
    --systemd-run=no --start-via-proxy=no

used to bind to the external address of the <host fdqn> as return by the command: host <host fdqn>

A bit of background: I am using xpra only on internal network as a remote display better than X11 xdmcp Don't need encryption only some form of authentication. Already have my ssh set up for public key access

Hence about 2 years ago this kind of hybrid solution

using ssh to setup/find a xpra session and then connect to it with a random generated password which is pass back to client through ssh session then client can attach with:

xpra attach tcp:<remote host>:10100 \
    --tcp-auth=file:filename=<client home>/.xpra/<remote user>@<remote host>/pw.txt \
    --password-file=<client home>/.xpra/<remote user>@<remote host>/pw.txt \
    --pulseaudio=no --tray=off --system-tray=no --opengl=yes

Server: xpra v3.0.8-r25879 host Ubuntu 18.04.04 LTS kernel 4.15.0-91-lowlatency

BTW: if you have a better idea how to achieve my goal. Obviously it may be me that I do not know how to use it please be gentle.

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