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#1383 fixed ./setup.py install --home=<inst> requires root Jens H. Goebbert Jens H. Goebbert

Installing Xpra 1.0 without root permissions is not possible the way it is mentioned on wiki/Building using --home=<instdir>.

Possible fix: Only run setup.py line 1985-1994 if argument --home= is not set.

P.S: Thanks for the great Xpra!

#977 worksforme ./setup.py install --home=install tries to create '/etc/xpra' a3nma3nm a3nma3nm


When trying to compile trunk and installing as a local user with "./setup.py install --home=./install", installation fails with "error: could not create '/etc/xpra': Permission denied".

The exact steps to reproduce this are:

svn co https://www.xpra.org/svn/Xpra/
cd Xpra/trunk/src
# uncomment line 619 in setup.py to avoid an error in gtkitemfactory.h
./setup.py build # completes without errors
./setup.py install --home=./install

I am using Debian stretch/sid, and the Debian package "xpra" is not installed.

Of course it is normal that setup.py doesn't get permission to create /etc/xpra -- the point is that it shouldn't try to do so, when "--home=./install" is passed.

Thanks for your help on this!

#194 fixed .so-files are not installed anymore for xpra-0.7.0 using gentoo-distutils installation Antoine Martin olifre

My other problems with 0.7.0 appear to be related to all .so-files from xpra missing which are generated through cython. As you can see in the attached build-log (from a build on Gentoo using a minimalistic ebuild), cython actually runs and the .so-files are generated, but not installed as in 0.6.0. For comparison, I also attached a build-log from 0.6.0 from the same system.

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