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#2992 invalid Images pasted from clipboard stamped with "via Xpra" string Antoine Martin Don Turron

When images are pasted from the local environment into a remote xpra window, a label is printed over the image on the remote xpra window containing the string "via Xpra" and the current date.

This is very annoying as it complicates remote editing when screenshots need to be pasted.

To reproduce, just take any screenshot (local application), on the xpra session open any application that can paste images, Libreoffice, Thunderbird, or even Gimp, paste the image on the remote application and the string will be stamped on top of the remotely pasted image.

#2991 fixed displayfd is broken in 4.1 Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Cannot start via ssh without specifying a display:

xpra start ssh://localhost/ --start=xterm

Will timeout waiting for the display string.

#2983 fixed Keyboard layout for NLD + US International Tijs van der Zwaan Tijs van der Zwaan


I dont think this is a defect, but cant figure out how the local keyboard layout affects the Xpra client.

My case: In windows I've two type of locales/keyboard settings. ENG + Us Keyboard and NLD + US international keyboard. (see screengrab 1) The ENG + Us variant s detected as 0x409 and works as expected. The NLD + Us internation variant is detected as 0x20409 and doesn't send quotes to the server. See screengrab 2 for the output of Keyboard_info.exe.

With the ENG + Us keyboard the quote (or apostrophe) is logged as:

2020-12-17 18:04:56,735 client  26 @54.144 send_key_action(24, <GTKKeyEvent object, contents: {'modifiers': ['mod2'], 'keyname': 'apostrophe', 'keyval': 39, 'keycode': 222, 'group': 1, 'string': "'", 'pressed': True}>)

With the NLD + Us international keyboard the quote/apostrophe is logged as:

2020-12-17 18:04:11,007 client  26 @08.416 send_key_action(24, <GTKKeyEvent object, contents: {'modifiers': ['mod2'], 'keyname': 'dead_acute', 'keyval': 65105, 'keycode': 222, 'group': 0, 'string': '', 'pressed': False}>)

The US International and US English layout is the same (as far as I know...) I just want the client to always send the key out as apostrophe, because my server is running Ibus to handle the keystrokes (apostrophe + e = é)

Do you have any tips on how to accomplish this?

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