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#597 fixed "initenv" connection error when using nested ssh - regression in 0.13.4 nomnomnom onlyjob

I connect to my session remotely using the following (sample) command:

xpra attach --ssh="ssh -A -t user@my.gateway.com ssh -A" ssh:localserver:33

Upgrading client from 0.13.3 to 0.13.4 broke this functionality -- now Xpra just prints usage information and the following error

xpra: error: invalid mode 'initenv'

Server is running 0.13.3.

#66 fixed "mdocml" cannot process xpra.1 Antoine Martin Yary

Hi- I just got the latest revision of the xpra man page because the one I had was not readable by "mandoc", and the current xpra.1 has the same issue. Which is: xpra.1:368:2: FATAL: line scope broken, syntax violated Line 368 is .PP Just trying to get the different options to disable while debugging. I can use "groff" to get some human readable output, though it is a hard-to-read format.

#2020 duplicate "paramiko" support silently ignores ssh config Antoine Martin reimar

xpra started failing for me with this error:

xpra initialization error:
 cannot get IPv4 address of ('wpc', 22): [Errno -2] Name or service not known

This seems due to using "paramiko" instead of actual ssh, which means any ssh configuration is suddenly silently ignored (in this case, a host alias to go via a proxy). There should at least be a warning that ssh is not used and thus any settings in .ssh/config are ignored, and also a hint on how to get the old behaviour back. Even better would be some kind of automatic fallback on connection issues.

As there might also be more subtle failures (like suddenly not using a privacy-protecting VPN) I would however suggest to reconsider the change in default ssh client in general, until either paramiko can parse .ssh/config or at least there are some basic checks on .ssh/config not containing anything critical. Or until a major version bump...

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