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#1032 invalid "stop" command kills host X onlyjob onlyjob

Not sure when it was introduced but on 0.15.6 I've just noticed that xpra stop :33 kills both xpra's :33 and the host Xorg :0 taking down my Cinnamon DE and all opened applications. 100% reproducible but only when Xpra's Xorg is started.

#152 fixed "xpra --use-display" error-resistance Antoine Martin pmarek

xpra should do all necessary initializations _before_ taking over another display.

I just wanted to replace a hung xpra, and used the same commandline arguments - plus "--use-display". But that got the running session killed:

$ /usr/bin/xpra ...
cannot start - failed to create tcp socket: [Errno 98] The address is already in use
removing socket ...

because I may not use the same "--bind-tcp" address.

  • perhaps the bound socket could be passed, like the Xvfb connection?
  • try to get that socket bound _before_ taking over?
  • In case of an error try to keep the Xvfb running (by starting a child that holds the socket?), to keep the applications alive
#1663 fixed "zlib not available" on Windows 7 maxim_mazurok maxim_mazurok

Hi! I've successfully built xpra-2.1.2 on Windows 7, using the latest MSYS2 with updated packages from pacman. I've installed all required programs and the build process finishes with no errors. I am using MSYS2 instead of mingw-w64 (as suggested here https://www.xpra.org/trac/wiki/Building/MSWindows) because I was unable to run MINGW_SETUP.sh script using mingw, as it came without pacman. After the build is done and installation is successful, I am trying to start the Xpra-Launcher and it fails with error: "cx_Freeze: Python error in main script (traceback unavailable)" written in subject, and "Cannot import traceback module. Exception: can't decompress data; zlib not available. Original exception: can't decompress data; zlib not available." error text.

Can someone help me, please? I'm trying to solve this issue for a week now. I've reinstalled Windows (in VM), Visual Studio 2015 and all other needed things. I think that the issue might be in cx_Freeze itself, but maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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