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#635 fixed (py)gtkglext for centos7 Antoine Martin Antoine Martin

Centos 7 is a good recent platform, and now well supported (see #606 and #613), we just need to package gtkglext and pygtkglext to be able to support opengl client rendering.

#1930 fixed --attach=yes fails with -z0 Antoine Martin rumba

The --attach=yes option will fail to start the client if the --compress=0 option is used.

For example xpra start --attach=yes --start=xterm --daemon=no -z0 will produce:

xpra initialization error:
 no such option: --compression_level
#2342 fixed --clipboard does not work since v3.0 Antoine Martin mviereck

Clipboard sharing does not work with xpra v3.0-r22234 and higher. That applies to phyton2-xpra as well as to python3-xpra. It works with xpra v2.5.2-r22875

Used options for server and client: --clipboard-direction=both --clipboard=yes.

System: Debian buster with winswitch beta repository. Special setup: x11docker: server and client run on same system, but different X servers. A clipboard tool in background is xfce4-clipman, but disabling it makes no difference.

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