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#600 centos5: no attribute 'image_new_from_pixbuf' Antoine Martin defect major 0.14 client
#1313 centos 6.x proxy servers can spin consuming 100% cpu Antoine Martin defect major 1.0 platforms
#1161 centos 6 failing with gdp and mka muxers Smo defect blocker 0.17 sound
#999 catch limited bandwidth issues sooner Antoine Martin defect critical 2.2 encodings
#2326 capslock not detected Antoine Martin defect critical 3.0 html5
#547 cannot use h264 encoding anymore Smo defect major platforms
#84 cannot paste to Qt applications Antoine Martin defect major 0.1 core
#2801 cannot import native OpenGL module (--with-opengl) when there is no sound module (--without-sound) Antoine Martin defect minor 4.1 client
#567 cannot control click to select multiple items in lists on osx alas defect major 0.13 platforms
#2176 cannot connect to old-style shadow Antoine Martin defect major 2.5 server
#1517 cannot concatenate 'str' and 'tuple' objects Denis01 defect major 2.1 server
#2334 cannot concatenate 'str' and 'memoryview' objects Antoine Martin defect major 3.0 network
#1813 cannot attach from win10 client stdedos defect major android
#2795 can't recover crashed xpra server Thomas Esposito defect major 4.1 server
#257 can't reattach after losing connection Antoine Martin defect blocker 0.9 core
#2587 can't peek at some http traffic Antoine Martin defect critical 4.1 html5
#1902 can not type "less than" character (<) in HTML5 client J. Max Mena defect major 2.4 html5
#225 calculate batch delay is expensive and hurts performance Antoine Martin defect major 0.9 server
#2813 bundle a better run_scaled Antoine Martin enhancement major 4.1 packaging
#2628 bump maximum resolution beyond 8K Antoine Martin task major 4.1 server
#727 building with clang - measure difference in performance Nick Centanni defect trivial 0.15 platforms
#678 building all the dependencies from source on win32 Smo task blocker 2.0 platforms
#2062 build_info.py varies across builds Antoine Martin defect minor 2.5 server
#603 build_info.py missing when setup.py install is passed --skip-build pyther defect major 0.14 core
#112 build vpx on win32 Antoine Martin defect minor 0.2 core
#688 build script for rpm packages pyther enhancement minor packaging
#1215 build patched dummy drivers for Debian / Ubuntu Antoine Martin task major 2.0 platforms
#270 build minimal x264 / libav on win32 rather than fat binaries Antoine Martin task major 0.9 platforms
#2621 bug-report: Screenshot.png is not an image stdedos defect major 4.0 client
#2622 bug-report gtk_common g_value_set_int assertion Antoine Martin defect minor 4.0 client
#2625 bug report tool save file failed gives no feedback Antoine Martin defect minor 4.0 client
#1051 bug report tool looks bad on KDE Antoine Martin defect trivial 0.16 client
#2494 bug in platform/xposix/keyboard.py rozenkno defect blocker 4.0 keyboard
#2693 bug in generated run-xpra script causes client connection failure djerius defect major 4.0 server
#968 browser failing to render to actual size J. Max Mena enhancement major 0.16 client
#2289 brotli clipboard compression for text Antoine Martin enhancement major 3.0 core
#2492 broken window rendering: 3/4 black with Cinnamon + HiDPI Philippe Teuwen defect major 4.0 client
#521 broken tray icons Antoine Martin defect major 0.12 core
#2479 broadway errors: Array buffer allocation failed Antoine Martin defect critical 4.0 html5
#940 blurry image with shadow server akaWolf defect major core
#1713 black and white mode Antoine Martin enhancement minor 4.1 encodings
#59 bindings cleanup: move it, split it, import side effects, etc Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.10 client
#2406 bind options for xpra client Antoine Martin task major 4.0 client
#419 better/faster encoding selection Antoine Martin enhancement blocker 0.13 server
#486 better xpra info namespace alas enhancement major 0.17 core
#1773 better unit tests for mixins Antoine Martin task major 3.0 core
#410 better sub-window encoding: detect regions and use sub video encoder alas enhancement critical 0.13 core
#1361 better pypi integration Smo task major 2.0 packaging
#2204 better opengl support detection Antoine Martin defect major 3.0 client
#2178 better monotonic clock for win32 totaamwin32 task major 3.0 platforms
#1062 better keyboard layout detection on win32 Antoine Martin enhancement critical 2.0 platforms
#1742 better diagnostics J. Max Mena enhancement major 2.3 core
#205 better cursor forwarding using cursor_name and/or pixel data Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.8 core
#596 better auto refresh: handle video regions, don't refresh unnecessarily J. Max Mena task major 0.14 encodings
#619 better TCP_NODELAY handling: only use it when it is useful Antoine Martin enhancement critical 2.3 core
#2389 beta repository: updates fail because of wrong versioning Antoine Martin defect major 3.0 packaging
#1515 bencode parsing error from the HTML client depending on the remotized window height saste defect major 2.1 html5
#2243 basic gtk wayland client Antoine Martin task major 3.0 platforms
#991 avoid registering functions via handshake-complete Antoine Martin defect major 0.16 core
#210 avoid client server loops Antoine Martin defect major 0.8 core
#2013 avoid awt clipboard spam Antoine Martin enhancement minor 3.0 clipboard
#1242 avcodec_decode_video2 is deprecated in ffmpeg 3.1 Antoine Martin task major 1.0 encodings
#612 automatic DISPLAY selection over ssh alas enhancement minor 0.16 server
#2231 automated tests should be able to test html5 client Antoine Martin enhancement critical 3.0 tests
#694 auto-refresh kicks in too early alas defect blocker 0.15 server
#2884 auto-refresh failure: cancelled Antoine Martin defect critical 4.1 server
#2358 audio server test crash Antoine Martin defect critical 3.0 tests
#1498 attach via proxy multifile auth Denis01 defect major 2.1 server
#1844 async clipboard api alas enhancement critical 3.0 html5
#101 assert coding=="rgb24" Antoine Martin defect major android
#2508 apt-get update xpra error Antoine Martin defect minor 4.0 client
#1643 application taskbar icons changed to defaults Antoine Martin defect major 2.2 client
#2189 application does not get focus Antoine Martin defect critical 2.5 server
#1437 app_actions_err and window_actions_err sometimes called with no arguments causing an exception Antoine Martin defect minor core
#30 android window dimensions and inner dimensions Antoine Martin defect major 0.1 android
#1119 altgr workaround causes spurious ctrl key events to be sent alas defect major 0.17 keyboard
#2002 allow wasapi gstreamer elements Antoine Martin task major 2.5 platforms
#1319 allow the proxy to start new sessions alas enhancement major 1.0 core
#543 allow the client more control over window update speed Antoine Martin enhancement major 0.12 core
#634 allow input methods to be enabled Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.14 platforms
#1060 allow client applications to specify the video region Antoine Martin enhancement critical 0.17 server
#692 allow better control over automatic scaling Antoine Martin enhancement major 0.15 server
#800 allow B frames with video encoders Antoine Martin enhancement minor 1.0 encodings
#2712 all servers should expose opengl capabilities Antoine Martin task major 4.0 server
#2999 after xpra-server upgrade it fails to start tomuxi defect major 3.1 server
#2436 after disconnect and reconnect, windows originally on different workspace appear in a single workspace. Jiang defect major 4.0 client
#274 advanced clipboard filtering alas enhancement major 0.9 core
#443 adding lz4 encoding on win32 Smo task major 0.11 platforms
#1243 add unique window identifier ccxcz enhancement major 1.0 client
#2540 add splash screen Antoine Martin enhancement major 4.1 client
#2719 add quality and speed to xpra top Antoine Martin enhancement critical 4.1 client
#1510 add path option to html5 client Rob Lemley enhancement minor html5
#1090 add new sound container formats: webm / matroska alas enhancement major 0.17 sound
#2840 add icons to all toolbox windows Antoine Martin enhancement minor 4.1 client
#605 add build and runtime dependencies spec files to src tree pyther enhancement major 0.14 core
#664 add additional modelines to xorg.conf Antoine Martin enhancement trivial 0.15 server
#2100 add a novideo content-type Nathan Hallquist enhancement major 2.5 encodings
#291 add a debug build option to setup.py Antoine Martin task major 0.9 android
#263 add a --max-size option to limit the maximum window size Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.15 core
#1577 add 10 bit formats to virtualgl Antoine Martin task major 2.2 packaging
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