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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1211 websockify and named pipe timeouts on win32 Antoine Martin defect major 1.0 platforms
#1122 websockify connection prevents server from exiting Antoine Martin defect major 0.17 server
#2635 when client disconnects, timeout all pending clipboard requests Antoine Martin defect major 4.0 clipboard
#196 when we turn off a feature via the setup.py file (vpx/x264/rencode/webp) we should not install its module Antoine Martin task minor 0.8 packaging
#265 win32 binaries that include sound (gstreamer) complain about missing python2.6 defect major 0.9 core
#2921 win32 bubbles not showing on some systems Antoine Martin defect major 4.1 platforms
#2448 win32 builds need the gtk main loop early totaamwin32 defect major 4.0 client
#1301 win32 client 1.0 r13637 disconnects when Session Info is opened, with opengl enabled alas defect major 1.0 client
#830 win32 client GUI launcher opens extra cmd window Antoine Martin defect trivial 0.15 client
#2956 win32 client OverflowError Antoine Martin defect major 4.1 client
#819 win32 client does not exit cleanly (again) Antoine Martin defect critical 0.15 client
#2754 win32 clipboard spins out Antoine Martin defect major 4.0 clipboard
#298 win32 control-C can deadlock client in gstreamer code alas defect major 0.9 client
#1048 win32 forwarded printer filtering J. Max Mena enhancement major 0.16 printing
#1115 win32 print system notifications Antoine Martin enhancement minor 2.2 printing
#2162 win32 python3 client scaling crash totaamwin32 defect critical 2.5 platforms
#2224 win32 python3 vs python2 install mixup Antoine Martin defect major 3.0 packaging
#691 win32 shadow server consumes 100% cpu even when inactive Antoine Martin defect critical 0.15 server
#2593 win32 shadow server crash totaamwin32 defect major 4.0 server
#2376 win32 shadow server segfaults accepting new client Antoine Martin defect blocker 3.0 platforms
#2710 win32 shadow server slow to exit Antoine Martin defect major 4.1 platforms
#403 win32 system tray should load image data from a buffer Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.11 platforms
#2493 win32 window black shadow regression Antoine Martin defect major 4.0 client
#2857 win32 wndproc errors causing tray, opengl and clipboard problems Antoine Martin defect critical 4.1 platforms
#397 win32 xpra client missing revision SmO defect minor 0.10 client
#2531 win32: Error loading theme icon Antoine Martin defect trivial 4.0 platforms
#2738 win32_NotifyIcon.py", line 174, in make_ICONINFO stdedos defect critical 4.1 client
#1522 window client side decorations problems Denis01 defect major html5
#63 window contents is not drawn at all Antoine Martin defect major 0.0.7.x client
#359 window icon goes missing when resuming Antoine Martin defect critical 0.10 core
#2086 window property for setting the encodings to use Nathan Hallquist enhancement major 2.5 encodings
#994 window size and repaint issue on osx pvenkateswaralu defect major 0.16 core
#2439 window_source.py py3 incompatibility Antoine Martin defect major 4.0 server
#1402 window_source: RuntimeError: deque mutated during iteration Antoine Martin defect minor server
#918 windows 0.15.4 client hangs on control-c disconnect after changing resolution alas defect critical 0.16 client
#2507 windows 10 dev env totaamwin32 task critical 4.0 platforms
#2215 windows can not run Antoine Martin defect critical 2.5 client
#1852 windows fail to render content with python 2.6 Antoine Martin defect major 2.4 client
#958 windows installer add check to skip running Smo enhancement minor 0.16 packaging
#957 windows installer problem with build_args Antoine Martin defect major 0.16 packaging
#2734 windows jump to 0,0 when resized Antoine Martin defect major 4.0 core
#936 windows not showing up correctly in task bar Jiang defect minor 0.16 client
#5 windows stay visible on the screen even if the server is killed Antoine Martin defect minor 0.0.7.x server
#41 wishlist: Support multiple clients connected at the same time Antoine Martin enhancement minor 1.0 server
#1483 workaround broken MSYS2 dependencies Antoine Martin task major 2.1 packaging
#672 wrong color mapping of application window icons with plain rgb encoding (png disabled) sschnitzer defect major client
#582 x11 cleanup must still be done in the UI thread Antoine Martin defect minor 0.15 server
#2575 x11 client crashes when the display does not have randr support Antoine Martin defect major 4.0 client
#1462 x264 10-bit support Antoine Martin task major 4.1 encodings
#2827 x264 and ffmpeg RPM conflicts Antoine Martin defect blocker 4.1 packaging
#110 x264 and vpx improvements ahuillet enhancement minor 0.3 core
#187 x264 crashes when resizing window Antoine Martin defect major 0.7 server
#229 x264 decompress_image_to_yuv crashes on win32 and linux 32 bits ahuillet defect major 0.8 core
#95 x264 encoding displays strange data in OpenOffice menus ahuillet defect major core
#2076 x264 general protection fault Antoine Martin defect major 2.5 encodings
#1842 x264 packages missing for CentOS/RHEL 7 SeanD defect major 2.4 packaging
#2087 x264 quality regression Antoine Martin defect critical 2.5 encodings
#629 x265 encoder error in server log Szunti defect minor 0.14 server
#2641 xdg-open bugs / improvements stdedos defect minor 4.0 server
#2969 xdg-open bytes vs str? stdedos defect major 4.1 server
#2671 xdg-open download file fails Antoine Martin defect minor 4.1 server
#2949 xdg-open download file fails v3 stdedos defect minor 4.1 server
#2885 xdg-open: server returned error code 127 stdedos defect minor 4.1 server
#861 xor error with differing pixel format Antoine Martin defect blocker 0.16 encodings
#891 xor error, build clean missing files, man page, clipboard limit Antoine Martin defect minor 0.16 client
#1192 xorg 1.18.1 breaks log file renaming Antoine Martin defect blocker 1.0 server
#1114 xpra --start-child xterm starts in / and does not respect .Xresources alas defect major 0.17 android
#38 xpra (and above) is not backwards compatible with (and older) Antoine Martin defect major 0.0.7.x client
#145 xpra 3.2.0 fails to build on centos 6.2 Antoine Martin defect minor 0.4 packaging
#1866 xpra Package broken in winswitch repo for fedora27 Sebastian defect major 2.4 packaging
#1169 xpra agent for osx - ssh start support J. Max Mena enhancement major 1.0 platforms
#1410 xpra attach fails on vanilla Ubuntu Xenial Xerus Lukas Haase defect major client
#1720 xpra attach hangs Antoine Martin defect blocker 2.3 client
#402 xpra attach ssh:hostname : What happens if two xpra instances are running on the server, but for different users? krlmlr enhancement minor client
#2663 xpra beta repository is broken Antoine Martin defect critical 4.0 packaging
#2446 xpra centos 7 x86_64 repodata missing Antoine Martin defect major 4.0 packaging
#238 xpra client fails to close if statistics window is open Antoine Martin defect blocker 0.8 client
#2624 xpra client - add "session identifying" elements to window title Antoine Martin defect minor 4.0 client
#2525 xpra client GUI throws: assertion 'GDK_IS_DISPLAY (display)' failed Antoine Martin defect minor 4.0 client
#2524 xpra client crashes using nautilus stdedos defect major 4.0 client
#2667 xpra client disappeared too fast stdedos defect minor 4.0 client
#2131 xpra client not timing out stdedos defect major 2.5 client
#2254 xpra client status graph starts from the top Antoine Martin defect minor 3.0 client
#974 xpra clients 16.0 r10472 and r10504 do not launch Antoine Martin defect major 0.16 android
#2339 xpra control does not output error messages stdedos defect minor 3.0 server
#2534 xpra crash using LibreOffice stdedos defect critical 4.0 client
#3 xpra crashed while selecting text: The program 'xpra' received an X Window System error. Antoine Martin defect major 0.1 server
#515 xpra crashes on launch - "from xpra.client.tray_base import TrayBase … ImportError: No module named client.tray_base" Antoine Martin defect major 0.12 server
#208 xpra crashes when closing a window in SAS -- possible race Antoine Martin defect major 0.8 core
#2024 xpra crashes when showing File Dialog of Mono Applications Alexey Stukalov defect critical 2.5 server
#1422 xpra dependencies Antoine Martin enhancement minor external
#581 xpra detach may cause a connection lost rather than a clean disconnection alas defect critical client
#1455 xpra does not check for MIT-SHM - server logfile with MBs of error messages mviereck task minor 2.0 server
#704 xpra does not correctly parse IPv6 addresses Ionic defect major 0.15 client
#69 xpra doesn't connect, gives errors Antoine Martin defect minor 0.0.7.x client
#931 xpra exit doesn't work with py3k clients Antoine Martin defect blocker 0.16 server
#2678 xpra file-transfer progress bar stdedos enhancement critical 4.1 client
#2527 xpra help: present less options when subcommand is wrong Antoine Martin enhancement minor 4.0 core
#2889 xpra i386 should depend on python 3.8 in debian bullseye thevladsoft defect minor 4.1 packaging
#573 xpra info causes crashes Antoine Martin defect blocker 0.13 server
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