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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#272 fix/improve MS Windows clipboard handling alas enhancement major 0.9 platforms
#273 macos to handle more clipboard formats, converting them on the fly Antoine Martin enhancement minor 4.1 clipboard
#274 advanced clipboard filtering alas enhancement major 0.9 core
#275 handle clipboard large data transfers better alas enhancement major 0.11 core
#276 clipboard direction restrictions: client to server only, server to client only J. Max Mena enhancement blocker 1.0 core
#277 pulseaudio command issues with CentOS 5.x alas defect minor platforms
#278 rencode_orig does not build with python2.4 Antoine Martin defect minor 0.9 core
#279 32-bit visuals and transparent windows Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.10 core
#281 get the x264 codec to compile on win32 (with encoding bits) ahuillet task major 0.9 platforms
#282 focus problems with CentOS5.x Antoine Martin defect major 0.9 core
#283 systems without the python glib bindings cannot run "xpra stop" (or "xpra info", ...) Antoine Martin defect major 0.9 client
#284 selinux labelling of static codec builds Antoine Martin task critical 0.9 packaging
#286 fancy input methods can interfere and break the keyboard Antoine Martin enhancement critical 0.9 core
#287 Win client Caps Lock state not forwarded alas defect minor client
#289 ensure the osx build include all the gstreamer modules we need (and only those) Antoine Martin defect major 0.9 platforms
#290 Launcher: expose encoding speed and quality ahuillet enhancement major 0.10 client
#291 add a debug build option to setup.py Antoine Martin task major 0.9 android
#294 Win32 launcher SSH seems broken ahuillet defect critical client
#296 Redraw errors with opengl enabled on win 7 64 - nvidia gtx 670 aradtech defect major 0.9 client
#297 Sound stops working and gives errors when turned on and off using --speaker-codec wavpack. aradtech defect major 0.9 client
#298 win32 control-C can deadlock client in gstreamer code alas defect major 0.9 client
#301 Win client beta installs don't have alternate speaker codecs packaged. alas defect trivial 0.9 client
#302 honour the window manager initial position hint aradtech enhancement minor 0.10 core
#305 PNG palette indexed encoding mode Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.10 core
#307 try to avoid doing so many round-trips to get clipboard data Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.10 core
#308 Ping timeout if client and server have different times Antoine Martin defect major 0.9 server
#309 until we have contents to paint the gl windows show undefined contents ahuillet defect major 0.10 client
#310 OR windows can go awol Antoine Martin defect blocker 0.9 server
#311 failed server upgrades should not kill the Xvfb Antoine Martin defect blocker 0.9 server
#312 Xpra should be able to determine Num Lock status of keyboards on initialization alas defect minor 0.9 client
#315 dropped server connections leave "ghost" client windows when using the launcher Antoine Martin defect critical 0.9 client
#316 pass exit-with-children flag when starting sessions remotely Antoine Martin defect major 0.9 core
#317 pass more options when using remote ssh start Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.13 core
#318 clipboard client-to-server support on OSX alas task minor 2.2 platforms
#319 support resizing of OR windows onlyjob defect minor 0.9 core
#321 opengl rendering corruption for small rgb areas ahuillet defect major 0.10 client
#323 Screen redraw missing a single-pixel column Antoine Martin defect minor 0.9 core
#325 TypeError: send_min_quality() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given) Antoine Martin defect major 0.9 client
#326 incomplete installations causes warnings which cause ssh mode to fail Antoine Martin defect major 0.10 core
#327 client side X crash on window resize with fglrx-13.1 onlyjob defect major 0.10 client
#328 split yuv into its own pseudo codec ahuillet enhancement minor 0.10 core
#330 xpra not installable in Ubuntu 13.04 from the winswitch repositories Antoine Martin defect major packaging
#331 setup.py: no exit after clean Antoine Martin defect minor android
#332 0.9.1: no "About Xpra" dialog onlyjob defect major 0.10 core
#333 Stop command fails to shutdown server Antoine Martin defect minor 0.10 server
#334 Server fails to start up on Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit server Joel Martin defect major 0.10 server
#338 some toolkits specify a max window size of 32767 for infinity causing win32 client to misbehave (no maximize button) Smo task major 0.10 core
#339 Assertion error when receiving data Antoine Martin defect critical client
#340 Launcher is broken ahuillet defect major 0.10 client
#341 Disabling cursor forwarding in the middle a session behaves strangely ahuillet enhancement minor client
#342 Fedora server build scripts don't seem to be behaving. alas defect major 0.10 packaging
#343 huge mouse cursor on text selection Antoine Martin defect major client
#344 Clipboard integration broken with xpra over ssh Antoine Martin defect major client
#345 use XShm to grab window pixels rather than the slower XGetImage Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.10 server
#348 Unable to attach if SSH handshake or entering password takes > ~8 seconds. Antoine Martin defect major android
#349 some parts of windows can not be clicked after changing resolutions Lukas Haase defect critical 0.15 client
#350 dec_avcodec needs to let us manage the buffers as we see fit ahuillet task blocker 0.10 server
#351 --use-display seems to be broken ahuillet defect major android
#352 Killing server with SIGINT doesn't remove socket, doesn't kill Xvfb/Xdummy ahuillet defect major 0.10 server
#353 high CPU usage on spinner Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.15 client
#354 PIL imports to work with pillow Antoine Martin defect major 0.9 core
#355 xpra server: TypeError: Don't know how to get a display from 16785535L Timo Juhani Lindfors defect minor server
#356 ensight with win32 client has drop down focus problems Antoine Martin defect major 0.12 client
#357 client_uuid doesn't seem to include machine_id in hash data Antoine Martin defect minor core
#359 window icon goes missing when resuming Antoine Martin defect critical 0.10 core
#362 constant sound stream overrun on win32 with no sound playing SmO defect major 0.10 core
#363 xpra only monitors first pulseaudio output Norman Rasmussen defect minor 0.10 server
#365 don't copy pixmap data to ram: avoid the round-trips and stay on the GPU if we can Antoine Martin enhancement minor 2.1 server
#366 cursor focus error created somewhere between r3680 and 3725 server revisions alas defect major client
#367 Improved opengl detection and ArgumentParser help. alas enhancement major client
#369 mouse cursor is too big Antoine Martin defect major 0.10 core
#370 nvenc hardware accelerated encoding alas task major 0.11 server
#371 use X11 keyboard API instead of execing new processes Antoine Martin task blocker 0.16 keyboard
#373 gmp and mpfr build for win32 - needed for pycrypto fastmath Smo task minor 0.11 client
#374 AttributeError: 'XpraClient' object has no attribute 'idle_add' Antoine Martin defect minor client
#375 PIL Error with jpeg encoding: "Suspension not allowed here" alas defect blocker 0.10 server
#376 man xpra implies that default encoding would be png but this is not correct? Timo Juhani Lindfors defect minor client
#377 damage latency spinning out of control with png encoding Antoine Martin defect critical 0.10 server
#378 JBidWatcher with xpra 0.9.6 not fully working ahuillet defect major 0.10 core
#379 osx client with sound output never restarts SmO defect major 0.10 platforms
#380 ssh with password mode fails without an authentication agent Antoine Martin defect critical 0.10 client
#381 Build with -fsanitize=address for debug builds with GCC >= 4.8 ahuillet enhancement minor 0.10 packaging
#383 Xephyr + Xpra keyboard problem on Mac OS X 10.8 roberto hashioka defect minor 0.11 platforms
#384 cuda csc SmO enhancement major 0.11 core
#385 opengl rendering improvements: handle plain RGB, scaling, transparency alas enhancement major 0.11 client
#391 osx shadow server improvements: mdns, keyboard support, etc alas enhancement minor 0.17 server
#392 integrate a win32 crash report tool Antoine Martin enhancement major 0.14 client
#393 Prefer newer libwebp shared library netmk enhancement critical 0.10 packaging
#396 xpra server hangs on disconnect callegar defect critical 0.10 server
#397 win32 xpra client missing revision SmO defect minor 0.10 client
#400 sound improvements - better queue handling, refactoring and cleanups Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.15 sound
#402 xpra attach ssh:hostname : What happens if two xpra instances are running on the server, but for different users? krlmlr enhancement minor client
#403 win32 system tray should load image data from a buffer Antoine Martin enhancement minor 0.11 platforms
#406 fix appindicator so we can use it for forwarding system trays Antoine Martin enhancement minor 2.5 client
#407 handle .xpra file associations on osx Antoine Martin task minor 0.17 platforms
#409 OSX client resuming UI sometimes breaks sound Smo defect major 0.10 sound
#410 better sub-window encoding: detect regions and use sub video encoder alas enhancement critical 0.13 core
#412 Win32 Client - Shift and CTRL buttons fail to stay pressed down Antoine Martin defect major 0.10 client
#415 ffmpeg 2.0 support Antoine Martin task critical 0.11 client
#416 pixbuf_new_from_data or cairo take un-premultiplied rgb data Antoine Martin enhancement major 0.11 client
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