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Milestone future (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#510 video stream pass-through core enhancement Antoine Martin new 02/02/14
#898 vmware won't start through virtualgl LD_PRELOAD server trunk defect Antoine Martin assigned 06/26/15
#2147 vp8 software decoding in javascript html5 2.4.x task Antoine Martin assigned 02/13/19
#386 vsync handling server side - tear free frames server enhancement Antoine Martin assigned 07/18/13
#2614 webdav support network 3.0.x enhancement Antoine Martin assigned 02/29/20
#2264 win32 control-c does not run cleanups from mingw shell platforms 2.5.x defect totaamwin32 assigned 04/08/19
#2400 win32 setup script to install pycuda, nvapi packaging 3.0.x task Antoine Martin assigned 08/31/19
#1532 win32: remote desktop services platforms trunk defect Antoine Martin assigned 05/28/17
#476 workarounds for crippled desktop environments without a system tray (ie: gnome3) client enhancement Antoine Martin assigned 12/18/13
#1238 xorg may be hiding the keyboard state in the future keyboard trunk task Antoine Martin new 06/21/16
#2504 xpra shadow "flickering" client 3.0.x defect Antoine Martin assigned 12/02/19

Milestone improbable (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1016 KDE system tray support client trunk enhancement Antoine Martin assigned 10/28/15
#723 _NET_WM_SYNC_REQUEST resizing support core trunk enhancement Antoine Martin new 10/31/14
#56 add new resolutions to Xdummy on the fly - dummy driver needs randr support added? platforms enhancement Antoine Martin new 12/06/11
#509 grab video using a video adapter rather than getting rgb pixels from pixmap core enhancement Antoine Martin assigned 02/02/14
#1124 interleaving network packets network trunk enhancement Antoine Martin assigned 02/17/16
#1148 per-client virtual audio devices - better pulseaudio API sound trunk enhancement Antoine Martin assigned 03/20/16
#1360 reduce JS and CSS dependencies html5 trunk task Antoine Martin assigned 11/17/16
#1826 salsify codec encodings 2.2.x task Antoine Martin new 05/01/18
#472 use the ubuntu launcher API to populate the correct icon platforms enhancement Antoine Martin assigned 12/12/13
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