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12/29/15 16:39:04 (6 years ago)
Antoine Martin

It's all very confusing. One of the problems is that I forgot that we can also get webp encoded and decoded via python-pillow.

And it also works fine without opengl enabled (No idea why that is. buffer re-use? how?)... which explains why I didn't see the problem during testing on virtual machines (most of which don't have opengl acceleration since the driver is blacklisted).

I think this may actually be a library conflict issue between python-pillow and dec_webp, both compiled against different versions of libwebp. If that's the case, we're lucky to have avoided problems until now! (and this only triggered now because of the ABI bump)

We don't want to start shipping a modified python-pillow (I'm not even sure how that would work wrt paths). We do ship a recent enough version of pillow, so maybe we should just drop libwebp-xpra, enc_webp and dec_webp? Are the features comparable? (in particular zerocopy uploads..)

Note: this is not a problem on OSX where we build everything against our chosen version of libwebp.


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    1 r11491 added it, and I didn't test it well enough... it works for OK for decoding, just not for encoding
     1r11491 added it, and I didn't test it well enough...