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Changes between Initial Version and Version 1 of Ticket #1256

07/14/16 10:30:54 (5 years ago)
Antoine Martin

Done in r13010 + r13012 with some related work in r13008 + r13011. I've built some beta packages with those changes.

The ffmpeg packaging files could be improved to download the source for the specific version being built rather than relying on it being there already (which could make us build the wrong version...) but this will have to do for now.

@smo: over to you, you will need to build and install ffmpeg-xpra on your Debian / Ubuntu build systems.


  • Ticket #1256

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    initial v1  
    11Let's do the same as what #613 did for RPM: ship an ffmpeg-xpra package with the same version of ffmpeg we support everywhere else.
    22This will remove the need for patches and all the complications associated with that and will allow us to support most distro versions with just one version of the source.
     4Related to #1242 (ffmpeg 3.1 API change)