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Changes between Initial Version and Version 2 of Ticket #1265

07/25/16 18:17:03 (5 years ago)
J. Max Mena

How did you ascertain this? The command line you posted does not specify min-quality=70.

Sorry, copied wrong - I had a --min-quality=70

Unfortunately, it seems to sort itself out after a short period of time. With our stuff, it takes several minutes (as in >15) before it snaps out, but just Xpra and Chrome, it sorted itself out within a minute or two.

I should clarify here, in case it's not clear enough. "Normal" operation is that it does not snap to that level of blurry ever - it always stays crisp and easy to read.

Can we track this problem here and change the ticket title, then track the video-region issue in #967?

Sounds good to me. I'll defer to you to update this ticket's info as you know more about the underlying issue. I'll talk with Alex and now that all of QA (myself included) is completely back from vacation we can actually have time to catch up on our tickets here.


  • Ticket #1265 – Description

    initial v2  
    1313(running without B Frames because they're still causing some weird paint issues)
    15 {{{Xpra_cmd attach tcp:ip:2200}}}
     15{{{Xpra_cmd attach tcp:ip:2200  --min-quality=70}}}
    1717Repro is mostly sporadic, but generally we see it when scrolling on text-only webpages when the browser is larger than 1080p - I'm using google-chrome fullscreen on a 1440p. The problem with the sporadic-ness is that it's hard to give a step-by-step repro to reliably trigger it every time. However, once you trigger it, it aggressively becomes blurry while scrolling and "sticks" for about a second until it refreshes losslessly.