Xpra: Ticket #1546: performance on 1.0.x

I have been keeping up with installing the latest version available for CentOS 6.6, but lately I have been experiencing gradual performance degradation (sometimes over the course of days), which eventually results in a disconnect/timeout and an inability to reconnect.

When this happens, I first attempt to run "xpra upgrade" in order to start a new xpra instance with the same Xorg process, but this NEVER works. What it does appear to do is kill the original xpra process, while the Xorg process keeps running. At this point, I run "xpra start" with the --use-display option in order to reconnect to my X server.

After getting up and running again, it seems that my performance is better for a time, although it may be placebo. Eventually, I have to go through this process again.

I understand that its difficult to isolate the root of problems like this.

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Things to look for:

When the xpra upgrade fails, please collect the server log.

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