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Changes between Version 1 and Version 2 of Ticket #172, comment 15

05/26/14 12:44:41 (7 years ago)
Antoine Martin


  • Ticket #172, comment 15

    v1 v2  
    44* the patch renames the log file to use the session id, it should continue to use the display to keep things backwards compatible
    55* can't we split this patch and just deal with choosing a display first? Just the very simple case: when you don't specify a display for the start command and one is given to you, nothing else. Then we can worry about exposing the chosen display somehow. Why is necessary to do it all in one? It would make it much more manageable and easier to merge (a few dozen lines vs hundreds). (even if half of it is just semi automatic search and replace {{{s/display/session/}}})
     6* we need to deal with {{{Xvfb}}} and also older versions of {{{Xorg}}} which do not have the {{{-displayfd}}} command line option: this should probably be a flag in {{{/etc/xpra/xpra.conf}}}, we can detect it at install time. Then if the feature is not supported, the display will remain a required argument for starting the server.
    67* why do you want to identify sessions using this new session id? (a bit like screen) It seems to me like this is a step backwards in that the pid will be harder to identify than the display.
    78* ''TODO: add time out to avoid infite blocking'' - important!