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Changes between Initial Version and Version 1 of Ticket #2154, comment 2

02/19/19 03:40:21 (3 years ago)
Antoine Martin


  • Ticket #2154, comment 2

    initial v1  
    66> > Switching to Russian layout breaks everything and switching back to en_US does not help
    77> How do you switch?
    8 Using CapsLock while having browser tab with HTML5 client active.
     8Using !CapsLock while having browser tab with HTML5 client active.
    99> > Then, if I switch back to en_US layout and try to type something, I see nothing in the JS console about input language change. And typing causes beeps.
    1010> How to you switch back?
    1414I've attached the log `xpra-noasciivt.log` with keyboard debugging ON. Plz ignore and delete the other attachment.
    1515At first, I typed `ls` into `xterm` and hit `Enter`.
    16 Then I switched the layout using CapsLock, typed `фыва` and pushed `Enter` again.
     16Then I switched the layout using !CapsLock, typed `фыва` and pushed `Enter` again.
    1717Then I switched back to `en_US` and tried to type `ls`. Even though there are `l` and `s` keys logged, what I got in `xterm` was `~4`