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11/28/19 08:24:15 (22 months ago)
Antoine Martin

First, some comments about your command line:

  • set XPRA_DEFAULT_DESKTOP_VFB_RESOLUTION=1024x768 will not be forwarded to the server start command and therefore it will not be honoured, instead use xpra start-desktop --env=XPRA_DEFAULT_DESKTOP_VFB_RESOLUTION=1024x768 ...
  • ssh/redacted@ the correct syntax is ssh://redacted@ and :22 is optional since that is the default ssh port
  • --speed=80 - usually a bad idea, --min-speed=80 is more likely to be what you want, and since you're setting a fairly high min-quality of 80, this is probably counter-productive as it doesn't leave enough room for maneuver
  • --clipboard=yes and --clipboard-direction=both - those values are the default, so specifying those options has no effect

When I exit from an app, say Konsole, the screen doesn't repaint so the last app output remains visible.

Is there anything in your server log? Or even in the console if you use xpra_cmd.exe to run it. Does it work any better if you turn off (or on?) opengl in the client? (either --opengl=on or via the system tray at runtime)


  • Ticket #2497

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  • Ticket #2497 – Description

    initial v1  
    11Running Windows 7 or 10, connecting to Fedora 31.  Commands used (wrapped for readability):
    44xpra start-desktop
    1111  --clipboard-direction=both
    1212  --speaker=off
    1414When I exit from an app, say Konsole, the screen doesn't repaint so the last app output remains visible.  Forcing a refresh from the system tray works.  Attached is a screenshot of a popup I get on login.  I've clicked on the cancel button and the screen under that button has updated, but nothing else.  I've only very recently tried start-desktop, so I don't know if this is a new problem.