Xpra: Ticket #2561: win32 keyboard layout variants

Splitting from #2560.

See also #1172 : "untranslated keyboard".

We now get a detailed codemap for the keyboard layout, there are many variants all mapped to the same x11 layout name.


    0x0000042b  : ("am", "Armenian Eastern"),
    0x0002042b  : ("am", "Armenian Phonetic"),
    0x0003042b  : ("am", "Armenian Typewriter"),
    0x0001042b  : ("am", "Armenian Western"),

We should use the extra information to select the correct layout variant.

Thu, 23 Jan 2020 08:43:25 GMT - totaamwin32: owner, status changed

This may help: Default Input Profiles (Input Locales) in Windows

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