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01/09/21 17:38:36 (13 months ago)
Antoine Martin

The server log is missing, as per your proxy log:

Entering daemon mode; any further errors will be reported to:
Actual log file name is now: /run/user/1000/xpra/:2.log

Based on your proxy log, the server startup should not take much more than 7 seconds:

  • you process a tcp connection at : 21:37:51,049 process_hello..
  • start the server at: 21:37:51,149 starting new server subprocess...
  • the server starts quickly: 21:37:52,084 displayfd=:2
  • it takes a few more seconds before the proxy sees the sockets as live: 21:37:56,518 identify_new_socket found match: path=/run/user/1000/xpra/ares-desktop-2, display=:2
  • the proxy starts the forwarding process at 21:37:56,520 start_proxy
  • the socket handover completes quickly: 21:37:57,153 received proxy server message: socket-handover-complete
  • it starts forwarding packets from the new server instance: 21:37:58,418 process_server_packet: hello
  • the strange thing is that it takes another 20 seconds after that before it gets to startup-complete: 21:38:16,482 sending to client: b'startup-complete'

During that time the server must be doing something, perhaps processing the printers packet, or starting the audio, intializing a GPU or something. Impossible to tell without the corresponding log. (you may want to enable -d server logging to get enough details in that log - either with XPRA_SUBPROCESS_DEBUG=server or just adding server to the proxy debug options)


  • Ticket #2996

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    initial v1  
    1111Command sequences:
    12 Proxy:  xpra proxy --bind-tcp= --tcp-auth=allow --debug=proxy,server
     12Proxy:  `xpra proxy --bind-tcp= --tcp-auth=allow --debug=proxy,server`
    14 Session initiation:!&exit_with_children=1&exit_with_client=1&start=atomix&action=start-desktop
     14Session initiation: `!&exit_with_children=1&exit_with_client=1&start=atomix&action=start-desktop`