Xpra: Ticket #387: wayland server backend

We should be able to plug into wayland and provide remote access for it.

Reading this freerdp implementation, it doesn't look too hard. The main difficulty may be in glueing the C api with our (mostly) python server code.

What makes this now more interesting than before is the availability of sub-surfaces - which would allow us to get YUV data for window's sub-regions (like an embedded video player in a browser), without effort.

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Recent discussion on wayland-devel with links:

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Out of time again.

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New wiki: Wayland Remoting. It looks nowhere near ready yet.

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This would also solve #510


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Note: it is already possible to use a wayland server as an X11 vfb for xpra. ie: based on ticket:1656#comment:12 with weston:

weston --no-config --socket=wayland-30 &
export WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-30
Xwayland :30 -noreset &
xpra start-desktop :30 --use-display --start=lxsession
xpra attach :30

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As per Wayland misconceptions debunked: Things like sending pixel buffers to the compositor are already abstracted on Wayland and a network-backed implementation could be easily made.. I'm not sure it is really that easy: the handling of pixel buffers is just one small part of what we do. The tone of this post is feisty! The problem is that no one seems to really care: all of the people who want network transparency drank the anti-Wayland kool-aid instead of showing up to put the work in. Yes, more work for us. Yay. Rejoice! Anyway, since they're willing to help, it's worth looking into: If you want to implement this, though, we’re here and ready to support you! Drop by the wlroots IRC channel and we’re prepared to help you implement this

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For native client support, see #2243.

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For keyboard mapping support, see #1049 and ticket:2368#comment:1

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The Wayland Protocol.

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We're in the same boat as barrier, though there are now virtual device methods? wlroots based VNC server and the protocols it uses virtual_keyboard_unstable_v1 and wlr_virtual_pointer_unstable_v1 (but "unstable" and v1.. been burnt by wayland v1 before)

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This is for a secondary virtual screen, but maybe the code to use is the same? wayvnc : Create virtual screen to use as second screen

synergy: wlr-synergy-client.c

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