Xpra: Ticket #406: fix appindicator so we can use it for forwarding system trays

I'm not even sure this is possible, but since Ubuntu does not support the regular StatusIcon correctly anymore (and with newer versions, it simply does not show up at all), better have something - even something ugly.

And this is going to be ugly. Their API is an ugly joke:

First, just like with OSX (#404), we don't know the location of the appindicator until it is used, and even then finding the exact coordinates is a complete nightmare (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/screenlets/+bug/522152/comments/11)

Then we can't just catch the events we want (hover, clicks), we only get the option of having a menu (how convenient and modern - NOT!), so we will have to populate this menu with something - maybe have one entry for each action (left click, right click)... but we don't even know which clicks do anything at the other end.

Can someone from Ubuntu please fix this - it's their horrible mess.


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See also #636

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That thing is best forgotten.

Most of the Ubuntu wiki pages lead to 404s. It never worked properly, and is now causing crashes under 18.04 with unity.

python3 -c "from gi.repository import AppIndicator3;AppIndicator3.Indicator()"


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See also #2179 / #1818

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Needed because statusicon is now even more broken..

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Fixes in:

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Will follow up in #2197

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More fixes:

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Related tickets: #2161, #2197, #2242, #476

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