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Changes between Version 1 and Version 2 of Ticket #438, comment 6

12/12/13 01:59:35 (8 years ago)
Antoine Martin


  • Ticket #438, comment 6

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    33The bad news: In a chrome window, the cursor displays as an 'x' when scrolling over non-interactable screen space (when not scrolling over links, videos, etc.). It displays correctly with firefox though.
    5 More bad news: It looks like window focus, as far as the cursor is concerned, is being confused when one xpra session window overlaps another xpra session window (have only tested so far with osx).
    7 If there is an xterm overlapping a chrome window, and the focus is on the chrome window, then the mouse scrolls over to a portion of the xterm window which overlaps the chrome window and the mouse is clicked- then the mouse focus returns to the chrome window (the window that previously had focus) while the focus for the keyboard (as well as the moving to the 'front' display) shifts to the xterm (the window newly clicked on).
    9 At this point, the cursor will display as it would in the window with the cursor focus, the mousewheel will scroll the window with the cursor focus, and clicking will activate any links on the window with the cursor focus ... while keystrokes will register on the top-displayed window which 'should' have focus. (In the case of the example above, keystrokes will register on the xterm that is 'above' the chrome window, while wheel scrolling or link clicking will register on the  chrome window which is 'below' the xterm.
    11 Repeating the experiment in various permutations shows the same behavior... shifting from an xterm to a chrome window will reverse the above described behavior; shifting from a firefox window to a chrome window will result in the same behavior, etc.
    13 I am not sure if it is a coincidence, but this seems to be similar to the behavior with pop-up menu behaviors.
    15 I will add attachments once I can get some that are usable. Will also test with windows to see if the behavior is the same.