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Changes between Initial Version and Version 1 of Ticket #438, comment 9

12/12/13 02:02:44 (8 years ago)
Antoine Martin


  • Ticket #438, comment 9

    initial v1  
    1 * Is this a regression? - I am not sure, to be honest.
    3 Testing with windows client (0.11.0r4903) against the same fedora 19 server (0.11.0r4904) I don't see this cursor behavior at all.
    5 If it's not a regression caused by the work on the disappearing osx cursor, then it seems to remain an issue specific to the osx client. I suppose it is up to you to decide whether the issue is different enough to merit a different ticket, or is perhaps related... but since the pop-up menu behavior seems to display equally on windows, I suspect it is something else happening here.
    7 In the edited logs that I included, there is an initial focus on window 55 (first drawn on line 31 of the log, comes into focus line 139), followed by a focus shift to window 82 (first drawn on line 43, comes into initial focus on line 157, I think)... then there follows what I assume are indications of mouse-wheel scrolling events occurring on window 55 (lines 174 on).
    9 That is the 'event'. The logs aren't clear that focus shifted to window 82, from what I can tell, but what I did was to click on 55, then click 82, then click 82 again on a portion of the window which, once 82 'rose' to focus, was now overlapping 55. From then on, I never clicked on window 55 again, nor did I scroll the mouse off of window 82.
    11 From the point of line 157 in the log on, my cursor remained hovering over window 82 ... but the mouse scrolling events all seem to register on the lower window (55) despite the appearance of focus being on window 82.
    13 Testing this with xterms showed that the keystrokes would register on the apparently focused window, but also that clicking on a portion of an 'upper' window (with apparent focus) which was 'above' a window space with a link would trigger the link 'through' the apparent-focus window.
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