Xpra: Ticket #508: MS Windows taskbar integration

Windows 7 onwards support customization of the taskbar entry for our application, we could do something with it:


See also #472

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Scheduling for this release, together with #472 and #476.

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Too late, re-scheduling.

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Best example code found so far:

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copy of the idl file

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The examples in comment:4 work but this is not the interface we need. We could still use them to enhance the tray/menu classes with progress bar support, etc.

For the menus, what we want is AddUserTasks. There is some support for it in pywin32 already:

> from win32com.shell import shell
> shell.CLSID_DestinationList

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By the looks of things, "tasks" is not it: present even when the application is not running. Maybe Jump Lists? But even that is not a good fit...

The only workable solutions that I can think of are:

Both of which would have all sorts of interesting interactions with window hints, size constraints, events, position...


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