Xpra: Ticket #545: honour double-click time from client

from Carbon.framework (was not easy to find)

For the last 2, we probably want to pass the value with the hello packet just like we do for the DPI, and the server can then inject it automatically.

Extra difficulty: toolkits do their own thing, see xset: setting double-click speed for plain X11 applications.

Does modifying any of those settings after the application has started have any effect?

Found in the pygtk docs: gtk.gdk.Screen.get_setting: The get_setting() method returns the value of the desktop-wide setting (specified by setting) such as double-click time for the screen.

Funny that for setting the value, we don't call it on screen but on the whole display! (which is fine for us, just odd): gtk.gdk.Display.set_double_click_time: 'The set_double_click_time() method sets the double click time (two clicks within this time interval count as a double click and result in a gtk.gdk._2BUTTON_PRESS event). Applications should not set this, it is a global user-configured setting.'

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Done in r7613 (+r7614 for osx, worthy of its own changeset). This is related to the work on dpi #163 and sub-pixel hinting #559.

As per the commit message details, please verify that:


Tue, 16 Sep 2014 17:54:13 GMT - J. Max Mena:

Did some testing of a Win7 client against a Fedora 20 server (r7632 on both):

gui.double_click.distance        : -1
gui.double_click.time            : 480

If there's any more in-depth testing you need done; pass the ticket my way and I'll hop on it between classes.

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Thanks maxmylyn!

Closing. (for future reference, those options and their default values are documented here: XSettingsRegistry

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(setting milestone)

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