Xpra: Ticket #57: simplify code: drop compatibility for older versions

There are a number of places where the old code is holding us back:

etc.. And some workarounds for bugs that are no longer present:

And maybe more

It means that there are more than one codepath for many important functions, this makes it hard to read and debug, requires more testing (with older versions), etc

At some point we just have to drop compatibility with older versions. I think we should set v0.0.7.32 as the starting point, allow it to connect to v0.1.x (one major version up) and then drop all compatibility code in v0.2.x to remove all the version cruft.

See also:

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Done in r351: all releases from now on will accept both v0.0.7.x and v0.1.x In a few months time we can then bump the version to v0.1.x without causing incompatibility with v0.0.7.x We may even be able to start dropping feature tests by simply relying on versions >= v0.0.7.2x, when most of the keyboard stuff got added.

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r514 only supports v0.0.7.35 and later, which allows us to remove:

Also, notification, bell and cursors forwarding can be toggled on the server so we don't bother sending it at all rather than ignoring it client-side, saves bandwidth when not used.

Remaining tasks:

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r519 makes the packet-size feature mandatory and adds support for it to the Java / Android code. Maybe 0.1 / 0.2 would be a good time to change this to a better format? (binary with reserved space?)

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r548 removes the old gtk workarounds

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