Xpra: Ticket #617: f265 encoding support

Alternative to x265 (#445). The code can be found here: http://f265.org/develop.

Maybe this encoder can be made to run faster?

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Sun, 28 Dec 2014 05:38:35 GMT - Antoine Martin: milestone changed

As per this mailing list thread in f265 users: f265 encoder is much more slower than x265 on Ubuntu: So, the performance of f265 is ~30 sec. per frame, better than HM (~80 sec. per frame) and much worse than x265 (3 sec. per frame).

Even though the response says: For the time being, you may want to use “quality=10” or even “quality=0” to make the code run faster. You may also use tile-based multi-threading using -p “mt-mode=1 tiles=x,y nb-workers=N,0”., I don't think this can make enough of a difference to be useful to us. Re-scheduling.

PS: the project also lacks shared libraries at the moment, it only produces a static libf265.a which we would need to statically link against.

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