Xpra: Ticket #941: Key Release events miss

Sometimes it happening, that some keys didn't released.

I get two logs of when key release doesn't occured: client attachment/ticket/941/941-client.txt and server attachment/ticket/941/941-server.txt. I'm not sure, which one key is leave pressed, but I find some strange GDK_KEY_PRESS keyval=ISO_Next_Group, and then GDK_KEY_RELEASE keyval=Shift_R

attachment/ticket/941/941-client2.txt -- it's another log of a keyboard bug at client side. as you can see, there is GDK_KEY_PRESS keyval=Control_R (at 12:33:41,572), but there is no GDK_KEY_RELEASE keyval=Control_R (after 12:33:41,572).

All info about my client and server environment is included in #939.

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client keyboard debug log

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server keyboard debug log

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another client debug log

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This ticket got lost somehow.

@akaWolf: what is the problem that you're seeing? Modifier keys don't need to be synced with keypresses, we send the list of modifiers with all mouse and keyboard events and sync them each time. (with some exceptions, but always for "Control")

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this ticket has been moved to: https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra/issues/941