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Changes between Version 1 and Version 2 of ClientPortingGuide

01/24/14 12:05:25 (8 years ago)
Antoine Martin



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    1212* a network layer capable of sending and receiving packets in the xpra protocol format. The network level packet is very simple: an 8 byte header which includes the packet size is followed by the packet data itself, the data is encoded using a bencoder-like format (the only notable difference is that unlike most other implementations, the dictionary keys are not in a specific order). Or optionally using [https://code.google.com/p/rencode/ rencode].
    1313* a window implementation representing a server-side window, usually supporting controls like minimize/maximize/close
    14 * the ability to update the content of this window with {{{RGB}}} pixel data
     14* creating new windows when {{{new-window}}} packets are received and destroying them when a {{{lost-window}}} is received
     15* the ability to update the content of this window with {{{RGB}}} pixel data when receiving {{{draw}}} packets
    1516* the code should send a {{{hello}}} packet to the server and wait for the {{{hello}}} it sends back
    1617* you must respond to {{{ping}}} packets to prevent automatic disconnection