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Changes between Version 18 and Version 19 of ClientRendering

06/04/16 06:10:28 (6 years ago)
Antoine Martin



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    1818The [/wiki/ClientRendering/OpenGL OpenGL client rendering] backend should be used for most windows if the graphics card is supported.
     21{{{#!div class="box"
     22== Desktop Scaling ==
     24All the recent python / gtk clients support desktop scaling: this feature allows the client to pretend that its displays are smaller than they really are in order to save CPU and bandwidth. The client then upscales the window contents before displaying it on screen.
     26The server also changes the virtual screen DPI so that application which honour the DPI setting should render their contents using the same virtual size, just using fewer pixels. (note: this works best with a patched [/wiki/Xdummy])
     28In the default configuration, this feature is activated automatically if the client display area is very large ([https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphics_display_resolution#WQXGA_.282560x1600.29 WQXGA] or more).
     30This option can be configured as "desktop-scaling" in the xpra.conf file, on the command line or at runtime via the system tray menu or via the keyboard shortcuts. By default, the shortcuts are:
     31* ''Meta Shift +'' to scale up
     32* ''Meta Shift -'' to scaledown
     33* ''Meta Shift ?'' to turn scaling off
     34* ''Meta Shift *'' to reset scaling to the default value
     36More information:
     37* #976: scale the local display - original ticket request
     38* #1101: change the value settings for desktop-size-determined defaults