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Debugging using Microsoft Visual Studio Express

You will need to create a new, empty project (File->New->Project), select "General" and "Empty Project". Visual Studio will require a name for the project and will ask for a place to save it. This project will contain nothing but basic information to start Xpra with the debugger, so save it somewhere for later use.

You will be placed in the tree, containing the "Solution" and the project you've created. Right click on the project in the tree and select "properties".

Go to "Debugging", in fill in the fields to attach your Xpra client - example below.

the properties dialog where you can set the environment

Then you can do F5 to start the application with the debugger.

Alternatively, if you set "Attach" to yes, the debugger will ask you to what running process you want to attach upon pressing F5.

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