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Desktop Mode


Version 1.0 adds support for "desktop mode", which is the ability to run a full desktop session in a window instead of having each individual window forwarded separately.

This behaviour is similar to VNC, but with the added benefits of the xpra protocol: sound, printer forwarding, etc.


To start a desktop session simply run:

xpra start-desktop --start=xterm

Then connect as usual from the client.

Alternatively, you can start a session and connect in one command from the client using the ssh syntax:

xpra start-desktop --start=xterm ssh:HOST

Window Manager or Desktop Environment

In order to run a window manager or even a full desktop environment within this desktop session, simply replace the "xterm" example above with the command that starts the WM or DE of your choice, ie for "fluxbox":

xpra start-desktop --start=fluxbox