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NVENC Encoder

This encoder requires a supported NVIDIA graphics card (Tesla, Quadro K4000 and up, ..) or a card which has the NVENC chip (GTX 680?, GTX 760 and up) and a license key. (...)

This encoder offers the best latency, which is most noticeable at higher resolutions (1080p and up).


  • Download the CUDA SDK and install it
  • Download the cuda.pc pkgconfig file (missing from the SDK) and install it (usually in /usr/lib64/pkgconfig for 64-bit systems)
  • Download the nvenc_3.0 sdk and install it (just unzip into /usr/local/)
  • Download the nvenc3.pc pkgconfig file (also missing from the SDK) and install it
  • Build xpra version v0.11.x (trunk) r4652 or later with nvenc support:
    ./setup.py install --with-nvenc


  • the files given here are for the current versions of the SDKs and for 64 bit systems only, adjust the files and locations accordingly
  • If CUDA refuses to build and complains about:
    Installation Failed. Using unsupported Compiler.

run the CUDA installer with "-override-compiler"

  • there are undocumented incompatibilities between kernel versions, nvidia driver versions and nvenc SDK versions. If possible, install the driver version bundled with the nvenc SDK. For more details see ticket:370#comment:14



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