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Changes between Initial Version and Version 1 of Encodings/vpx

01/16/14 08:30:03 (8 years ago)
Antoine Martin

split from main encoding page with more info


  • Encodings/vpx

    v1 v1  
     1{{{#!div class="box"
     2= vpx: VP8 and VP9 Encoder =
     3The vpx codec supports both VP8 and VP9 formats. However, as of {{{libvpx-v1.3.0}}} encoding using VP9 is so slow that it is totally useless.
     6Please also note that VP8 currently only supports {{{YUV420P}}} colour subsampled data, which leads to visual degradation.
     8Because of these shortcomings, the vpx codec lags well behind the [x264] and [nvenc] video encoders.
     12{{{#!div class="box"
     13== Build and installation ==
     14When building xpra from source, {{{vpx}}} support is included by default.
     16For encoding and decoding support, you should install {{{libvpx}}}.
     18For decoding support only (client) it is possible to use the {{{dec_avcodec}}} or {{{dec_avcodec2}}} modules if [http://www.ffmpeg.org/ ffmpeg] (or [http://libav.org/ libav] if you use this fork) were built with vpx support.
     22{{{#!div class="box"
     23== Links ==
     24* [http://www.webmproject.org/code/ libvpx - The WebM Project]
     25* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VP8 wikipedia VP8]
     27The following wiki pages are also relevant:
     28* [/wiki/WindowRefresh] - when and how the screen updates are processed
     29* [/wiki/Encodings] - all the picture encodings available
     30* [/wiki/CSC] - the Colourspace conversion step
     33* #455 vpx improvements: vp9 support, zero copy, VBR, speed and quality
     34* #464 libvpx 1.3: vp9, scaling, lossless modes..