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    3737* How do I use notifications forwarding?
    3838System notifications use [http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/dbus dbus], so you must start the xpra server within its own dbus session, ie: "{{{dbus-launch xpra start ...}}}" (see dbus-launch for details). This is one of the things that [http://winswitch.org/about winswitch] does for you.
     39* How can I allow multiple users to connect through a single port?
     40See [/wiki/ProxyServer]
    3941* How do I forward a full desktop (ala VNC) instead of individual applications?
    4042Use [http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/Xephyr/ Xephyr], simply start the xpra server with Xephyr as a child and start a window manager (ie: fluxbox, or a full desktop environment like gnome or KDE) on the {{{Xephyr}}} display:
    4749* How do I use mmap with different users?
    4850Please see the {{{--mmap-group}}} option: the two users need to be in the same group, the mmap file created by the client will use the group-id of the server socket file. You must generally also use the {{{--socket-dir}}} option to place the socket in a location which is available to both users (ie: {{{/tmp}}})
    49 * How do I enable {{{OpenGL}}} or other X11 extensions?
    50 Please see [/wiki/Xdummy Xdummy]
     51* How do I enable {{{OpenGL}}} or other X11 extensions on the server?
     52Please see [/wiki/Xdummy Xdummy], for acceleration see [http://www.virtualgl.org/ virtualgl]
    5153* How do I theme my application?
    5254That depends on the application. GTK2 applications can be themed by setting the  GTK2_RC_FILES environment variable, ie: