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    5555See [/wiki/ProxyServer]
    5656* How do I forward a full desktop (ala VNC) instead of individual applications?
    57 Use [http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/Xephyr/ Xephyr], simply start the xpra server with Xephyr as a child and start a window manager (ie: fluxbox, or a full desktop environment like gnome or KDE) on the {{{Xephyr}}} display:
    58 {{{
    59 xpra start --start-child="Xephyr :200 -ac -screen 800x600" :100
    60 DISPLAY=:200 fluxbox&
    61 }}}
    62 Note: you must chose a separate display number for Xephyr.
    63 If Xephyr is not available on your system, you can also use [http://www.xfree86.org/4.2.0/Xnest.1.html Xnest].
     57See [/wiki/Usage#Forwardingawholedesktop Usage: Forwarding a whole desktop]
    6458* How do I use mmap with different users?
    6559Please see the {{{--mmap-group}}} option: the two users need to be in the same group, the mmap file created by the client will use the group-id of the server socket file. You must generally also use the {{{--socket-dir}}} option to place the socket in a location which is available to both users (ie: {{{/tmp}}})
    7973* "{{{Xlib: extension "RANDR" missing on display}}}" and "{{{Randr not supported: X server does not support required extension Randr}}}"
    8074The virtual framebuffer (typically Xvfb) does not support Randr, this may cause some display problems, try using [/wiki/Xdummy Xdummy] instead
     75* "{{{found an existing window manager on screen ...}}}"
     76Xpra is a window manager, you cannot run two window managers at the same time. If you want to forward a whole desktop, including its window manager, see [/wiki/Usage#Forwardingawholedesktop Usage: forwarding a whole desktop]
    8177* "{{{cannot register our notification forwarder ...}}}"
    8278The xpra server was started from a GUI session which already had a dbus instance and a notification daemon, notifications forwarding will not work.