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    9999* "{{{Xlib: extension "RANDR" missing on display}}}" and "{{{Randr not supported: X server does not support required extension Randr}}}"
    100100The virtual framebuffer (typically Xvfb) does not support Randr, this may cause some display problems, try using [/wiki/Xdummy Xdummy] instead
     101* "{{{loop nesting too deep}}}" and "{{{you may have a clipboard forwarding loop, disabling the clipboard}}}"
     102another piece of software is trying to synchronize the clipboard contents (maybe a clipboard manager, or a virtualization solution like vmware or virtualbox) and this is conflicting with xpra's own mechanism, so xpra stops trying to fight with it - you should disable the other clipboard synchronization if you want xpra clipboard sharing
    101103* "{{{found an existing window manager on screen ...}}}"
    102104Xpra is a window manager, you cannot run two window managers on the same display at the same time. If you want to forward a whole desktop, including its window manager, see [/wiki/Usage#Forwardingawholedesktop Usage: forwarding a whole desktop], otherwise stop the other window manager.