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Network Protocol

This page documents the types of messages that the client and server can exchange. For the actual network connection see wiki/Network and for the encoding and compression of the messages see wiki/PacketEncoding.

  • General packets that flow in both direction:
helloa dictionary containing connection optionsauthentication (if required), setup of keyboard, configuration options, etceither accept the connection and send a hello back as acknowledgement, send a challenge request or disconnect
Packet Type Arguments Purpose Actions Required
pingtime to be echoed backmonitor connection state, collect latency statisticsThe receiver must send a ping-echo back
ping-echoechoed time, load average, measured latencyresponse to ping, collect latency statistics
sound-datasound buffers and associated metadataforward sound datathe receiver should queue the sound buffer, it may drop them if desired - if so, it should tell the other end to stop sending
connection-lostnonesent by the network layer when the network connection has droppedfree any resources
gibberishnonesent by the network layer when the network received unparseable data, data decompression failed or decryption faileddisconnect the connection and free any resources