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08/17/14 14:06:04 (7 years ago)
Antoine Martin

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     6== 2014-08-17 ==
     7=== 0.14.0 Release ===
     9This being the first Long Term Support (LTS) release, many of the changes are in fact clean-ups or changes which allow us to provide better security and control over the application's deployment.
     11In particular, we remove older codecs (python-webm), add support for new alternatives in the packet layer (lzo compression, yaml packet encoder) and allow each and every codec to be disabled: this applies to all the parsers, compressors, picture encoders and decoders - of which there are many.
     12Should there be another security issue with lz4 / lzo (see [http://blog.securitymouse.com/2014/06/raising-lazarus-20-year-old-bug-that.html The 20 Year Old Bug that Went to Mars]) or even zlib (ie: [http://www.cvedetails.com/cve/CVE-2005-2096/ CVE-2005-2096]), then the application can be secured using configuration changes only, without having to wait for a security update.
     13This is most important for platforms which do not have a real native package manager (MS Windows and Mac OSX).
     15We no longer ship static codecs for any RPM distribution (centos / Fedora), instead we maintain our own private RPM builds of the media libraries (x264, ffmpeg and for some versions also libvpx and libwebp), which we will keep up to date independently of the xpra packages. (and certainly more up to date than any other repositories we are aware of)
     16Users of the yum repositories will get their security updates as soon as new versions are available instead of just when a newer version of xpra is released.
     17(thanks to Matthew Gyurgyik).
     19There is also a new integrated bug reporting tool, and many performance optimizations.
     20One major new feature is the automatic display selection, which means that you no longer need to choose a free X11 display (thanks to Benoit Gschwind).
     22This will be the last release to support python 2.5 and older.
     24* RPM packaging changes: #613, #606
     25* support for lzo compression (r6986)
     26* support for choosing the compressors enabled (lz4, lzo, zlib) - #614
     27* support for choosing the packet encoders enabled (bencode, rencode, yaml) - #614, r6934
     28* support for choosing the video decoders enabled - #614
     29* built in bug report tool, capable of collecting debug information - #627
     30* automatic display selection using Xorg "{{{-displayfd}}}" - #172
     31* better video region support, increased quality for non-video regions - #410
     32* more reliable exit and cleanup code, hooks and notifications - #626, #623, #581, r7097, r7098
     33* prevent SSH timeouts on login password or passphrase input - r7252
     34* automatically launch the correct tool on MS Windows - r7100
     35* OSX: may use the Application Services folder for a global configuration - r7160
     36* removed python-webm, we now use the native cython codec only - r6555
     37* OpenCL: warn when AMD icd is present (causes problems with signals) - r7250
     38* better avahi mDNS error reporting - r7109 + r7110
     39* better clipboard compression support - #621
     40* better packet level network tuning and cleanups - r7040, r7021, r7019, r6963, r6953, r6951, r6950, r6949, #581, #614
     41* support for input methods - #634
     42* xpra info cleanups and improvements (show children, more versions, etc) - r6960, r6959
     43* integrated keyboard layout detection on *nix - r6931
     44* upgrade and shadow now ignore start child - r6851
     45* improved automatic encoding selection, also faster - #410, #419, #620
     46* keyboard layout selection via system tray on *nix - #86
     47* more Cython compile time optimizations - r6759, etc
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