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Version 0.11.0 released

(Taken from the release announcement:)
This new major release brings a number of new exciting and exclusive features:

  • NVENC support for hardware accelerated h264 encoding on Nvidia cards, this can compress video frames much faster than your CPU ever will, which means that screen updates can get to your client very quickly. xpra is the first open source software to support NVENC.
  • Support for OpenCL and CUDA acceleration of colourspace conversion
  • Proxy mode for serving multiple sessions through a single TCP port:
  • Support for sharing a TCP port with a server: "--tcp-proxy=HOST:PORT"

Non-xpra traffic will be forwarded to the target of your choice, which can be very useful for serving both HTTP and xpra from the same port. See #474

specify the switch "--no-mdns"

  • support for transparency with OpenGL windows and with 8-bit PNG modes
  • "remote shadow start" so you can clone an existing remote X11

display to your desktop in one command: "xpra shadow ssh:HOST:0"

  • Support for faster lz4 compression which can make a significant improvement in latency with RGB encoding, and a faster Cython bencoder
  • ffmpeg and libav are no longer required for vpx and x264 support, as we ship a (slower) fallback module.
  • improved system tray support and native integration
  • stricter and safer value parsing
  • more detailed status information via UI and "xpra info"
  • experimental HTML5 client (#473)
  • non xpra clients are rejected with a more friendly response
  • libvpx 1.3 and ffmpeg 2.1.3 for OSX, MS Windows and static builds

And the usual cleanups and refactorings to make the code easier to work on. The wiki has been updated and has quite a few new pages too.

The development for version 0.12 is about to start, and we already have quite a few tickets queued up. But if you have requests or killer features you would like to see added, do let us know.