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    65 == 1) Automated problem reports ==
     65== 4) Automated problem reports ==
    6666       The Xpra client, like any piece of software, has bugs. It sometimes crashes. It's not a big deal: you just have to restart the client, and you'll get your applications back (unless the server crashed also, but it happens less often). However, whenever it crashes, and especially on Win32 platforms, there is very little information that can be sent to the developers to help them fix the bug, and reproducing the crash is not always straightforward. \\
    6767       This project is about making Xpra easier to debug. Ideas are :
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    77 == 2) Android client support ==
     77== 5) Android client support ==
    7878       The objective is for Xpra to support as many platforms as possible for the client. An Android client exists but is not completely up-to-date in terms of feature, and its usability is far from perfect. This project consists in improving Android client support, or, alternatively, implement Xpra client support for another mobile platform (be it Linux - Raspberry Pi, Android, or any other OS).\\
    7979       The tasks for Android consist in the following:
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    91 == 3) Latency improvements through hardware-accelerated video decoding ==
     91== 6) Latency improvements through hardware-accelerated video decoding ==
    9292       Remote desktop software is very sensitive to latency. Too high of a latency can kill the user experience. Latency sources are obviously the network, but also and usually more importantly, the video encoding on the server side, the video decoding on the client side, and the video presentation on the client side.\\
    9393       We have preliminary support for OpenGL presentation on the client side (doing YUV to RGB conversion and drawing), which helps with latency. However, there is the technical possibility of offloading the video decoding process to the GPU using such APIs as VAAPI (Linux) or DxVA (Windows), possibly both through libva which we already use. This project is about improving latency of Xpra, with the following tasks :
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    104 == 4) Encryption ==
     104== 7) Encryption ==
    105105       At the moment, Xpra can use AES encrypted communication over TCP. It supports password authentication, but the key exchange system is open to MITM attacks. \\
    106106       Xpra supports a mode where it connects through an SSH connection. That mode is good, but doesn't answer all needs: it requires an ssh server and each user connecting to the session to have shell access on the system, no matter what application needs to be run.\\
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    118 == 5) Win32 server (shadow mode) ==
     118== 8) Win32 server (shadow mode) ==
    120120       Xpra's client works on many platforms, but the server is restricted to Linux. This means that Xpra can only be used to remotely access a Linux-based desktop. It would be very interesting to make Xpra's server able to work on a Windows machine. Currently there is preliminary support for this feature but it uses polling which is very inefficient.\\