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[[Image(...)]] Screenshots

Windows XP

  • Dual screen XP Pro 64-bit client
  • Fedora 20 server
  • glxgears, terminal and session statistics on the left hand side
  • full screen video player on the right hand side

dual-screen XP Pro 64 client running glxgears and a fullscreen video player

OSX Mavericks

  • OSX Mavericks client
  • gnome-software

gnome-software running on OSX Mavericks


  • Ubuntu 13.10 client
  • baobab
  • the Xpra tray menu, showing the encoding options sub-menu

Ubuntu showing baobab and the xpra tray menu

Windows 8.1

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 client
  • Unigine Valley

Windows 8.1 client running Unigine Valley benchmark

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