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[[Image(...)]] Session Info

The "Session Info" dialog is accessible in the following ways:

  • Under "Session Info" in the xpra system tray menu
  • Using the key shortcut Meta + Shift + F11 when an xpra window has the input focus
  • Using the xpra control command "show_session_info" on the server, ie:
    xpra control :10 client show_session_info

It looks like this: small screenshot for the overview


The software pane lists the versions of the most important components of the system for both the client and server: Xpra, (Py)GTK components, (Py)GStreamer, OpenGL, etc..

It allows you to quickly verify that the system is up to date.

You can see a screenshot here


The features pane shows more details about sound and picture encoding support and status, packet compression support, client OpenGL library version, bell, cursor, clipboard and mmap features, etc.

You can see a screenshot here

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