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Bug tracker and wiki

This bug tracker and wiki are being discontinued
please use https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra instead.

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Source Code


Source Releases

You can find archives of every release here:
New major versions are generally released every 5 to 6 months (more or less - when it is ready), followed by minor updates as needed. (see source statistics, openhub: xpra)


Subversion Repository

You can access the subversion repository at this URL: https://xpra.org/svn/Xpra/
To checkout the source:

svn co https://xpra.org/svn/Xpra/

For simply browsing the source, the trac source browser is more convenient: it provides a better user interface, syntax highlighting, etc


There is no format process, any way you can will work.

Wiki edits, tickets, testing, questions, etc


The preferred way is to submit tickets on this bug tracker and attach any code changes in patch format.

But any contribution will gladly be accepted, no matter the format.

Why no github / gitlab / git / ..

First, this repository was created in 2011, when github was still in its infancy.

Now that we have hundreds of wiki pages and thousands of tickets, the cost of migrating to a hosted service would be quite high, and would almost certainly lose valuable (meta)data.

For a time, there was a github mirror, which received exactly zero merge requests.

But git is better''

It certainly is for large projects, but the number of contributors to xpra does not warrant the cost of migrating, for now at least.

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