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See also wiki/Encodings, which has its own tuning guidelines.


Using the default settings, the system will do its best to accommodate any type of application, no matter what the network conditions are like.

It is often possible to obtain better performance and user experience by configuring the system to be better tuned for its environment and user demands.

Some initial pointers:

Application Tuning

The key settings that affect application performance are the ones that allow the server to make the distinction between the window contents that can be compressed with lossy picture formats (images, video) and those that cannot (text and content with sharp lines).

These hints can be specified using configuration files for matching various window attributes(#1950), or matching more global desktop application categories (#1956). Applications can also set a window property directly to override this (#2023).

The hints are used to select the picture encoding most appropriate for the type of content to be compressed (#1952), though applications may choose to bypass this logic and set the picture encoding explicitly (#2086). The hints are also used to tune speed / quality / framerate (#2061), or to disable video mode (#2100).

The hints are also passed on to the picture encoders themselves for their own internal tuning (#1699, #2061).