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please use https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra instead.

Version 4 (modified by Antoine Martin, 5 years ago) (diff)


Abandoned Pending Fixes

These were originally recorded as wiki/PendingFixes but never made it...

  • r14457: ignored options in launcher config files
  • r14402, r14354, r14346: clear timer after use
  • r14017 + r14018? + r14021: only delete our own sockets
  • r14076 default value for printer settings
  • r13600 focus handling fix: looks correct but could cause regressions
  • r12850 win32 shadowing on vista and later
  • ssh fix for osx: #1240
  • #1218 video tearing
  • r13549: runs more tests.. likely to hit hidden errors and fail the build


Already applied to v0.16.x, maybe these could have been applied to v0.15.x and v0.14.x:

  • r12496 clipboard
  • r12364 mdns multiple records fix
  • r12221 hide print command shell window
  • sound command line tool fixes: r12095
  • example given in config file: r12020
  • maybe honour script dir env var override: r11991
  • r12048 use the correct device for microphone forwarding (and more from #1110)
  • r12030 correctly take client backlog into account for quality auto tuning
  • r12015 + r12016 authentication fix with python 2.6 and earlier (not needed?)
  • r11933 don't clobber initial window settings
  • r11924 win32 altgr improvement
  • r11983 workaround menus in Java AWT applications
  • r11875 + r11876 decorations and OR window fixes
  • r11785 more through env filtering
  • r11780 --env command line help cleanup
  • r11770 remove code that does nothing
  • r11773 minor error logging fix
  • r11744 subcommand logging
  • r11714 fix sound error with win32 and osx shadow servers
  • r11709 fix clipboard warning with win32 and osx shadow servers
  • r11621 skip sound warnings with some codecs
  • r11543 man page fixes
  • r11494 build fix for cython + py3k + msvc
  • r11494 fix clean target
  • r11483 lost connection handling
  • r11412 video encoding race
  • r11439 prefer pulsesink - not sure
  • r11506 fix gi bindings with gstreamer 1.x on centos 7
  • r11642 unused variable
  • r11643 fix invalid codec selftest code
  • r11610 prevent race conditions
  • r11644 avoid spurious warning when clients connect to a server that is just starting
  • r11891 kill Xvfb if we fail to start the server

Applied to v0.15.x onwards only:

  • r12044 microphone sound source options parsing fix
  • r11724 exit-with-children race condition
  • r11475 stop sound safely
  • r11413 image buffer race
  • r11135 video pipeline scoring
  • r11301 + r11302 + r11304 honour window geometry event mask
  • r11285 + r11286 clamp cursor coordinates (and round them when scaling)
  • r11114 clamp window to root area to fix monitor hotplugging
  • r11107 screenshot code with memoryviews
  • r11019 window geometry
  • r10911 export shadow window attribute
  • r10623 clamp desktop size
  • tiny part of r10543 which updates the desktop size on the source object
  • r10268 #942

Mostly harmless warnings:

Python3 related fixes:


  • r11404 HTML5 native keymap detection fix - r11405 does just as well.. and is already applied
  • #1037 suse RPM support
  • r10932: don't sync pulseaudio X11 settings
  • r10280 + r10286
  • #901 (too intrusive)
  • r10773
  • r10708
  • r10200 + r10201
  • #934: 10172 (should be hard to hit before 0.16.0)
  • #930: 10120
  • r10014: unused code
  • r9663: create a ZIP file as well as EXE
  • r9786: (simplified? hard to apply as is..) see #905
  • r9898: gtk2 notifier fixes
  • r9729: fix size-constraints with GTK3? (if needed only?)
  • r7765: size-hints can change (for 0.14)
  • r9434 (parts): proxy encoding fixes
  • r9164 non-blocking sockets for proxy server
  • r8530: win32 workspace maximize dimensions for undecorated windows
  • backport parts of r9519: timestamp, overrun-handling later
  • r9424 + r9425: password auth fixes
  • r9310: race with errors (rare)
  • r9095: keyboard mapping translation - use it!
  • r9571: mimetype mapping files (already in 0.15)
  • r9504: opengl paint box debugging
  • r9491: less copying before xoring (risky?)
  • r9307: update session info after systray opengl change
  • vp9 fixes? (speed) - meh, vp9 disabled anyway!
  • r9163: re-compress window icon
  • r8982 child reaper pid safe
  • HTML5 improvements