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Pending Fixes

Feel free to suggest fixes that you think should be applied.

Current Release Notes

Latest release notes (the version shown may not have been released yet):

Branch Status Current Release Notes Commit Log
v1.0.x Stable LTS NEWS log
v2.0.x Current NEWS log
trunk Development NEWS log

Abandoned versions:

Branch Archived Release Notes Commit Log
v0.14.x LTS NEWS log
v0.15.x NEWS log
v0.16.x NEWS log
v0.17.x NEWS log

Very Likely

  • r16303 (partial) missing pixel-depth from man page
  • r16297 high bit depth fixes
  • r16289 notification resource leak on win32
  • r16296 server failure if existing xsettings are present on start
  • r16295 xsettings test tool: don't cause X11 crash if there is no xsettings owner
  • r16294 always expose bit depth
  • r16293 don't crash if we cannot find a colormap for the window icon
  • r16257 force repaint border when toggling
  • r16233 overzealous env sanitization
  • ticket:640#comment:43
  • r16211 icon errors with desktop server
  • r16212 shadow early sanity check
  • #1501 osx moduleset updates


(assuming a fix is found, and / or that it is given sufficient testing)

  • r16012 version subcommand stderr
  • r16009 don't write to /root/ directory
  • r15736 honour minimum window size on win32
  • r16091 html5: shadow and desktop server handling
  • r16181 X11 timestamp overflow


Probably not worth the effort / risk:

  • r16292 pad all pixel buffers
  • r16180 Cython compiler directives
  • r16006 SSL handshake logging
  • r15589 thunderbird / firefox clipboard workaround
  • r15788 pkg-config build flags handling
  • r15795 configurable http / ws URL path
  • r15791 add "-novtswitch" to xvfb command lines
  • r15333 error message with stripped down installations (already in v2.0.x)
  • r14760: OSX pixbuf loader
  • r15205 (partial): don't start win32 shadow servers for unsupported bit depths
  • r15525 + r15526: avoid unnecessary desktop-size packets
  • r15427: RPM packaging updates
  • r15325: compile membuf (xxhash) with -O3
  • r15199: avoid large quality drops due to backlog
  • r15190: match existing server when remotely starting via ssh
  • r15192: locale warnings on osx with command line tools
  • r16257 + r16256: window border painting (opengl only - meh)
  • ticket:1169#comment:11 : OSX shadow start via ssh
  • #1567 fullscreen mode fixes

1.1 candidates

  • r15984 more secure transports first
  • r15942 don't build twice
  • r15868 + r15869 + r15870: ipv6 fixes
  • r15886 peercred auth module
  • r15752 sqlite auth module
  • r15797: honour installation root
  • r15608 (part2) + r15615: shadow server cleanup
  • r15042 + r15043: better validation of csc modules, better error messages
  • r14965 (partial): faster scrolling, avoiding memory copy
  • r14547: split html5 client into its own package
  • #1401: reset video region via dbus / xpra control
  • r14818 (partial): only 2 fields are actually mandatory in multifile auth
  • #1367 opengl validation
  • #1566 terminate-children flag
  • r16226: better remote logging error handling

See Also

wiki/Versions/PendingFixes/Abandoned changes that never got applied to older branches.

See also: wiki/Packaging