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This bug tracker and wiki are being discontinued
please use https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra instead.

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Getting Started : Versions

Current Status

There are 2 versions currently supported and one in development:

Version Details Planned EOL Date
v1.0.x current LTS stable release 2020
v2.5.x current stable version 2019 Q3
trunk the current development tree (will become 3.0 - next LTS version) 2022

The bug fixes due to be backported are recorded here: pending fixes. For more information, see wiki/Versions/ReleaseProcess

Unsupported Versions

Do not use!

Version EOL Date
v0.14.x 2017-01 (was LTS)
v0.15.x 2016-02
v0.16.x 2016-03
v0.17.x 2016-10
v2.0.x 2017-07
v2.1.x 2017-12
v2.2.x 2018-05
v2.3.x 2018-10
v2.4.x 2019-03


Versions older than 1.0 are not supported.
Some platforms are no longer supported in version 2.0, see wiki/Platforms for details.

If your distributor ships an older version or an EOL version, you should complain to them for not updating a package with known bugs and serious vulnerabilities (more info here: wiki/Packaging).

You can mix versions between the clients and servers, as long as they are reasonably up to date:

  • v0.14.x was compatible with versions 0.7.8 onwards. (it may or may not have worked with earlier versions)
  • v1.0.x is compatible with versions 0.14.x onwards only
  • v2.x is designed to be compatible with version 1.0.x onwards only
  • v3.x will also be compatible will version 1.0.x onwards only


You can find binaries for tagged versions on the supported platforms here:

You may find beta builds of any branch or trunk here: